EMIIA AI — Machine Radio vision

Машинное радивидение ЭМИИА

AI Navigation AI Mapping AI Sensor


Neural network library
for signal processing
and data visualization

Pattern recognition, detection, calculation of speed, coordinates and direction of movement of objects (people, animals, cars) by means of radio waves, including behind radio-transparent obstacles (walls, obstacles, rain, snow, fog, dark time of day).

  • Neural network signal processing and data visualization (Edge/SaaS).

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Range: through radio-transparent obstacles up to 9 meters, in open area up to 300 meters, passive detection up to 1000 meters. More than 30% of sensors, navigation, ADAS, automation and security tools are replaced by software.

  • CS-SLAM/RTLS (navigation, locating, mapping...).

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The development of EMIIA (EMIIA.AI) significantly reduces the likelihood of harm to humans as a result of interaction with intelligent machines and systems.

They reduce costs and increase the capabilities of artificial intelligence, allowing you to achieve 4 "mind off" and 5 "steering wheel optional" levels of autonomy.

The required functionality is localized within the boundaries of one or two standard devices, more than 30% of third-party solutions in IoT/IIoT are replaced programmatically.

Cost of software and hardware solutions:

  • The software on one device: Free
  • Software for five devices: $3-8
  • Hardware solutions: from $8


Basic technology

Машинное радиовидение ЭМИИА

Machine Radio vision — neural network signal processing and data visualization.

CS Cognitive sensor SLAM/RTLS (simultaneous localization and mapping, Real-time Locating Systems):

  • AI Navigation
  • AI Mapping
  • AI Sensor

Scopes of application:

  • Auto industry
  • Robotics
  • Automation
  • IoT/IIoT
  • Smart Home


  • EMIIA Software
  • Linux or Android OS
  • Wi-Fi 2.4/5 GHz module

About technology 

EMIIA neural network solutions, enable millions of devices, unmanned and robotic systems around the world, to become safer for humans, faster, more functional and more affordable.




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A team of experts in machine learning, in the field of signal processing and data visualization, for Machine Radio vision tasks, ten years of experience in IT development.

EMIIA GitHub repositories are included in the Arctic World Archive GitHub (EMIIA) program , which aims to preserve modern open source software for of 1,000 years future generations GitHub Arctic Code Vault 2020.

AI algorithms, neural network models (datasets) developed exclusively by EMIIA:

  • 2015 - laboratory samples were developed: software and hardware mobile solutions for Machine Radio vision).
  • 2016 - the world's first built-in modules, neural network tools and datasets were developed for the processing of radio signals and data visualization (Machine Radio vision).
  • 2017 (active phase of development) - built-in controllers (Machine Radio vision) are developed.
  • 2019 (active phase of development) - developed the world's first embedded neural network software in Machine Radio vision (Edge computing/SaaS).

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